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 SPRING 2002 

The site is being somewhat withdrawn whilst I revise and revamp the whole thing for a possible relaunch.

+ New photo essay on Bordello: Artists occupy a red light district at Some Things About Art and Cities (May 2002).

+ New essay on art at the Olympics at Some Things About Art and Cities (March 2002).

+ Three new pictures in the gallery at Some Things About Art and Cities (Feb 2002).

+ There's always new developments at

 AUTUMN 2001 

The new book, Web.Studies, is taking off. Read the entire first chapter free, here. Print it out! It's a gift! You can also order the book at a discount price.

+ New review of Art Crazy Nation on the Matthew Collings page (November 2001).

+ New review of An Introduction to Cybercultures (October 2001).

+ Three new contributions to the web future debate (October 2001).

+ Three new pictures in the gallery at Some Things About Art and Cities (October 2001).

+ In the section Some Things About Art and Cities, we have a new photo essay by Peter Shevlin on Turkish Diaspora in Berlin, added in June 2001. Viewers can note that the photo essay is a form very well suited to the Web; and also, of course, engage with the themes of ethnicity and the city.

 SPRING 2001 

The debate The World Wide Web: Just a passing phase? is taking off with seven contributions so far. What do you think?

+ Our sister site has had a major revamp for March 2001 with whole new sections of material on culture and identity!

+ The Trading Cards Series has new cards for November and December, plus new news in January 2001!

 AUTUMN 2000 

New article: Internet Studies: What went wrong?

+ New bits on the Gilbert and George art page.

+ New debate: The World Wide Web: Just a passing phase? We want your views on this one!

+ Several new book reviews, and improved organisation of the review sections.

+ New domain and gateway,, launched October 2000!

+ The Trading Cards Series has new cards for October.

 AUGUST 2000 

The top page of the site was redesigned this month. And launched its new Trading Cards Series which is a new media phenomenon you'd better check out. You can even get the cards on your mobile phone -- see WAP Trading Cards.

Also added: a couple of new website reviews. There are also some art and cities additions and updates including the new, original Gilbert & George dress-up dolls, and a new page about cities. has a new essay on queer chic, new reviews of cultural studies books and film studies books, and other new items.

 APRIL 2000 

Radical overhaul with the arrival of the new sub-site Some things about art and cities, which incorporates some material formerly part of this site, plus lots of new stuff. Plus a new review.


(Various additions which later became part of Some things about art and cities. On the theory site, there's a new essay on Madonna). Otherwise, I've been completing the book Web.Studies (which we have new information about)... Now that's done, there will be more new content here soon.

 JANUARY 2000 

We start the new century with Millennial photography in the new recyclable cameras feature. Plus our first review of a book which says "published 2000" inside! If you haven't visited recently, check out all the premillennial additions listed below...


We're on a new server so that the whole site really lives at and is fast and reliable!


New debate: Did Microsoft ruin the Web?. Other additions include new website reviews and new book reviews. I've revitalised and expanded the new media debates, and the effects section. Plus I've been designing the new site,

 OCTOBER 1999 

Additions include new article 'Researching movie audiences - the armchair method', and new book reviews.


Various additions, including the pseudo-mystical Internet Feng Shui page, and the pseudo-artsy Polaroid page. And the website reviews now include the amazing Phat Planet remixer.

 AUGUST 1999 

Added two whole new sections, new media rubbish and effects and influences, both with new material and features. Also added three reviews, and lots of little improvements.

We had 1,000 visitors in our first week; seems to be going well since we're not listed or linked to very much yet. Several new book reviews added to reviews, including review of the new journal New Media and Society.

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