New Media Studies is produced by David Gauntlett. It's full of stuff relating to new media, with a particular focus on the Web.

Therefore, yes, it's a site relating to the study of new media, rather than being a media studies site which is not old.

It's just had a bit of a re-design, in August 2000. (The old front-end of the site, nostaglia freaks, is here).

It was established in summer 1999. If you like the site and would like to help us out, it would be brilliant if you could get other websites to link to this one, or could recommend it to e-mail lists, or your friends, or people who you find very irritating, or whatever. Thank you!

If you are interested in the content of this site, apart from the snails I mean, you should also visit the Resource Centre for Cyberculture Studies run by David Silver in the USA, which is more detailed and intellectual (!). His book reviews, for example, try to grapple with the ideas in the books, whereas in my book reviews I just tell you if the book is a waste of money (or, in extreme cases, not).

This new site is the sister site to, which was established in January 1999, and has thousands of visitors every week.

Both sites are updated regularly.

The two sites are among the many exciting projects developed at the
Institute of Communications Studies.


All of the text and the graphics at are
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Those snails and flowers
are mine, mister.


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